Consumer / Dust-free sanding

Re-sand your wooden floor - DUST-FREE

Imaging renovating a wooden floor without leaving any dust behind. Bona knows how, and where you can find a flooring contractor that offers dust-free sanding.
Believe it or not, you can actually sand your floor without the slightest trace of dust in your home. In 2008 we launched the first edition of the Bona Dust Care System and it’s a global success.
Sanding dust penetrates everywhere, even if interiors are covered and cabinet doors closed. When you hire a flooring contractor that offers dust-free floor sanding you don’t need to cover or dismantle the interior and you won’t need to totally clean your home once your floor is renovated. Air discharged from the machine is even cleaner than it was before sanding began.

How it works

Bona DCS 70 is a vacuum cleaner that is connected to the sanding machine. Together they form a completely sealed system. The vacuum cleaner cleans the air in three stages and captures those tiny dust particles which are so difficult to clean up after renovation. Even when the bag is full and needs changing you don’t have to worry about leaking dust. It’s guaranteed dust-free renovation.

Sound too good to be true?

Actually it’s just as good as it sounds. It may cost a few bucks more per square foot, but we guarantee that it is worth every penny. Contact a Certified Craftsman near you to find out more about dust-free sanding for your floor.